We are offering comprehensive solutions and expertise among the following areas:


TES is consulting in cases in the area of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and similar technical areas. The machinery directive as well as other technical safety regulations are our expertise.


We value material and financial assets, calculate original and time value, substitute and replacement values, loan and leasing values, earning and enterprise values, compensational values, net asset values for insurances, banks, leasing enterprises and courts and private enterprises.

Party assessments

Every assessment between to parties without the involvement of the judicial power is a party assessment. Mainly such assessments are commissioned by private enterprises, insurances, authorities and private organizations.

Arbitrator's award

Arbitrator's awards solve (technical) disagreements of two parties legally behind, out-of-court, fast and cost-efficient.


We oversee the commissioning process of machines and industrial assets, proof the technical performance of assets and oversee decommissioning phases.

Inspections / acceptance inspections

We conduct technical inspections – preventive or after a failure case – at machinery, assets and components. Included are also commission acceptance inspections and inspections for assets for which monitoring is mandatory.

Damage and failure analyses

We evaluate failure cases and conduct technical root cause evaluations. Additionally, we analyse economical damage potentials. Thereby we use non-destructive testing and monitoring techniques to the highest technical standard.